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Hey... Aaron here.

Want to give a serious Best Man Speech?

Then leave this page.

However, if you want to have the guests' stomachs hurting from laughing so hard at your wedding speech...

... if you want to entertain them so much they won't know whether they're at a wedding or a Yuk Yuk's...

... or if you want to get rid of any anxiety you may have about speaking in public faster than a speeding bullet...

... this will be the most important thing you will read this week.

I'm going to reveal to you my simple 2 Step List Method formula of writing a hilarious wedding speech, one that will be talked about years after the wedding...

... a speech that will be so good the bride and groom might get mad at you for stealing the show!

And I don't care if you aren't naturally funny, don't have anything to say, don't have any funny stories about the groom, have left writing your speech to the last minute, are extremely nervous, hate talking in front of big groups of people, or are afraid of embarrassing yourself.

I can show you how to get laughs.

Will you let me?


If you want to get laughs, I want you to do FOUR things right now:

Things like his name, nickhame, job, city of birth, city of residence, hobbies, high school, college, qualities, the car he drives, what he looks like...

... keep going as long as you can. The longer the better! (that's what she said)


Well, you've just finished writing half of your wedding speech!

"How is that?" you might be wondering. "All I have is a list."

Well, young buck, you've just finished the first of two parts in the joke making process.

You see, when I was trying to look for a way to make jokes for the wedding speech I did at my brother's wedding...

... which you can watch on YouTube here...

... I thought I was screwed.

I had left writing the speech until only a couple days before the wedding.

Until that point I had no public speaking experience, I'm not that funny of a person, and I had never given a wedding speech before.

And to top it all off, I was extremely nervous.

They say more people are afraid of public speaking than dying... and in the days before giving that speech... I could see why!

So, when I scoured the internet for videos, articles, ANYTHING that could help me with my wedding speech...

I learned this 1 very important tip about comedy, which is: don't look for funny things. Instead, look for things and make them funny.

Here's why this tip intrigued me (2 reasons):

And this is important for writing a wedding speech, because:

Now, back to your list.

It's full of a lot of normal things, right?

Normal things that probably aren't that funny by themselves.

For example, you might have written down that the groom works for a bank...

That's not funny.

Say the groom drives a Honda Civic... that's not funny as well... it's a completely normal thing.

Say you wrote down that the groom is cheap.

Sure, that might be kind of funny, but there is no joke there.

No joke there, YET, I should say.

You can't just say in your speech "Bob is cheap." That probably won't get any laughs.

Just confused looks on the faces of the guests.

So, while we have part one of your jokes done, part TWO is where the magic happens.

Part TWO is where we take the idea (the first part or your list of normal and unfunny things) of the joke and turn it into a laugh getter.

Something that prevents ZZZZZs and gets LOLs.

Let me give you an example...

Let's go with the "cheap" idea.

Instead of saying "Bob is cheap"...

... we would say something like this: "I can't believe we're here. If you had told me two years ago that Bob would have spent $40,000 in one day, I would have said you're crazy."

Or something like this: "In fact, Bob is so cheap he went to a Republican rally the other day, not because he's into politics but because he wanted to see if Donald Trump could get Mexico to pay for this wedding."

See how that works?

Instead of just "Bob is cheap"... we took this normal characterstic of Bob and turned it into a joke that will get laughs.

"That's cool," you might be thinking, "but cheapness is kind of funny already... can we do this with something more boring?"

I'm glad you asked.

The answer is a big fat YES.

Let's go back to your list and find something less funny.

The most normal thing in the world.

Let's say Bob is Scottish.

Well, part one of your joke is done.

Put it through the "laugh factory" of part two, and you could say something like this: "Bob, I know you're Scottish but I'm glad you're not wearing a kilt. Rachel looks better is a dress anyways. I'm sure Rachel's glad, however, that you're not wearing any underwear."

Does that make sense?

Making comedy out of nothing but a simple list of things about the bride and groom.

Now, I remember I was showing someone (let's call him Greg) this comedy technique as he was preparing his own Best Man speech.

I used the Scottish example.

But, Greg was STILL not convinced.

"Being Scottish is funny too. They have the funny kilts. The bagpipes. The funny accents."

"I challenge you, Aaron, to make a joke out of the most boring, unfunny and normal thing in the world!"

"FINE," I shot back. "Challenge accepted!"

So... I asked Greg what the groom he was the Best Man for did for a living.

"He's an accountant," Greg said to me. "Help me make some jokes about that for my speech. That's something that's boring enough and already unfunny enough."

I then put that through the laugh factory...

... and came up with: "Although the wedding has been a blast so far, I'm sure Greg and Sandra (Greg's bride) are excited to leave tonight. After all, Sandra told me she can't wait to go on their honeymoon in Hawaii, while Greg told me he can't wait to find a way to write this wedding off as a work expense."

See what I did there?

I made a joke out of something extremely boring. Greg's job in this case.

Now the fact that you're still reading tells me you think I might be on to something.

It shows me that you think maybe, just maybe, this joke technique of turning completely normal and unfunny things from your list into laughs might be useful for you...

... when you sit down and start writing your wedding speech.

However, I also know this is the internet.

People can and do say ANYTHING on the internet these days.

And I completely get that.

That's why, if you'd let me, I'd like to show you two case studies of how I was able to help out two different gentlemen with their wedding speeches...

... using this very "list method" - taking normal things from a list and turning them into laughs.

Hopefully the below case studies will confirm that I can definitely help you with your wedding speech.

"Case Study #1"

So let's get started.

Thet first guy I helped was an American dude named Jake. He wanted to tie his Best Man speech in with the Olympics that were happening at the time.

Below was his email... as you can see he wanted me to help him with the first line of his speech.

Here's what I suggested:

"To me it's perfect that today takes place during the Olympics because there are a lot of similarities to a wedding and the summer games. There's the rings, the ceremony, the podium, and much like the athletes, Angela had to wait multiple years for the actual event to happen.

One difference, however, is that tomorrow the Olympics end in a Brazilian stadium, while tonight ends in Steven showing off his Brazilian wax.

It's not fair. Steven gets to leave here tonight with a beautiful wife and I get to leave here with that thought in my head.

In all seriousness though, I couldn't be more happy for you two. Angela, I think you can agree with me that it was worth the wait to marry Steven, even though you guys met all the way back in a time when Olympic athletes competed naked."

Jake used this material...

... the very material that was created using the "list method", and it "killed."

Here is his email that he sent me after the speech:

"Case Study #2"

Here's another example. This guy's name was John and he's from Ireland. The speech he needed help writing was actually for his mother's wedding.

His mother's fiance picked him to be the Best Man. He gave me a bunch of information I needed (names, last names, hobbies, interests, etc.) to get me started on writing some jokes for his speech.

Here's his email:

Here's what I came up with:

"For those of you that don't know me, my name is John and I'm honored to be Bob's best man.

There is another reason why I'm at this wedding but I can't put my finger on it.

Can I start by saying what an emotional day it's been today? Even the cake is in tiers.

On top of that, I now have THREE parents to get me in trouble.

Oh right, parents. Yes, that is the other reason I'm here. My mom is getting married!

And what a historic event this is today: not only might I be the first best-son in the history of weddings, but Bob has actually cleaned himself up!

Doesn't my mom look beautiful everyone? And Bob, well let's just say you have a nice personality.

Now, I could call Bob "dad" now because he's part of the family, but "Hornball" is too good of a nickname.

We actually used to call him "Mouse-Man", but since he's not quiet and never shuts up, we needed another nickname for him.

And I could keep making fun of him for a long time. Like how I always beat him in golf, or how he loses to my mam at cards, and how he's actually taking Moore as his last name. But I won't, because he and my mom wanted me to keep this speech to only a few minutes.

And I'm just kidding about the last name. I actually have no idea if he's taking my mom's name, if my mam's keeping Miller, or she's taking O'Rielly as her last name.

All I know is that I'm glad I'm not named "Hornball."

Seriously, though, welcome to the family Rob. I couldn't have asked for a better husband for my mom.

Now, Rob, you should know that my mom is probably the most wonderful woman in the world.

You are one very lucky guy. And not just because I'm you're son now.

I have one piece of advice, however, as you start a new life with my mam: If she picks up a dart, run to another room!"

"Take A Look At What Others Have Said About My Speech Help"

"Now It's Your Turn To Make a Hilarious Wedding Speech Out Of a List Of Regular, Normal Things"

Now, while you're still here, I want you to do TWO more things for me.

First, I want you to be prepared to get tons of laughs. You see, most people don't do this stuff in a wedding speech.

None of the guests will be expecting it.

And that's while they will laugh... because a huge part of comedy is the surprise element.

And secondly, I want you to convince yourself that parting with $40 won't worsen your life in any way.


Well, $40 is all my e-book Wedding Speech Killer costs.

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What's Wedding Speech Killer?

It's an e-book I wrote that will show you EXACTLY how to do the list method, as well as everything else you need to know about how to write and give an amazing wedding speech.

Normally I sell it for $47.

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Think about it. $40 might be less than you spend on coffee each month. It's probably less than your monthly phone bill and Netflix subscription. If these things are worth more than $40, how can giving an amazing and hilarious wedding speech for the bride and groom not be?

In Wedding Speech Killer, you will learn:

...and much, much more

"Remove Any Fear You May Have About Giving a Speech"

So, if you...

... this guide is for you.

"Don't Pay If My Guide Doesn't Help You"

Before I get to the price of my guide, let me remove any hesitation you may have...

If you aren't 100% satisfied with Wedding Speech Killer and don't have the bride, groom, rest of the wedding party and guests all howling at your speech, simply let me know at 905-580-1886 or aaron@weddingspeechkiller.com within the next 60 days and you won't pay a cent.

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Download my guide. Read it. Get some ideas from it. Steal jokes from it. Write your speech. Give your speech.

Have the guests begging you to stop because their stomachs hurt so much from laughing. Have the bride and groom continue to talk about your hilarious wedding toast for years after their wedding!

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